Sunday School

Sunday School is at 10:00 a.m. every Sunday unless listed otherwise.

Confirmation Schedule  (Click to get schedule)

Confirmation ministry at the Fisher Bygland Lutheran Parish is a dynamic and interactive program for students in grades 6 through 9. The purpose of this ministry is to prepare teenagers to affirm their baptism and explore their faith in God, the Bible, and Christian living.

Confirmation classes meet on Wednesday evenings during the school year for students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Parents of the students are expected to attend each class with their students. If parents are unable to attend, students should attend without their parents. We use a three year curriculum that includes one year of Old Testament, one year of New Testament, and one year of Lutheran Catechism lessons. The classes are taught for the entire group on a three year rotation. A schedule of this year’s classes is posted on the parish website.

Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 are expected to complete fifteen sermon notes and four hours of worship assistant service each year. In lieu of confirmation classes during the season of Lent, confirmation students are expected to attend all mid-week Lenten and Holy Week worship services. Each student is expected to attend one session at an ELCA Bible camp once during their confirmation years.

Grade 9 students complete individual faith reflection exercises as well as group faith explorations and a retreat. A written statement of faith will be publicly presented at the Affirmation of Baptism service.

Holy Communion Worship with Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation) takes place on the first Sunday in May for those who have a desire to live their life for Christ, met the expectations of the program, and have been approved by their congregation’s council.


Baptism signifies the beginning of the faith journey, complete with promises by parents, sponsors, and sometimes the baptized. We trust God’s promise to us holds, regardless of how many times we fail to keep ours. Therefore, we affirm our baptismal promises and frequently hear again of God’s never-failing love.


At Bygland, baptism services are public events that take place in the context of worship. The congregation participates fully in the prayers and promises, remembering our own baptismal gifts as we celebrate with families. To schedule a baptism, please contact the Pastor at (218) 891-4632.


Sunday School

4-yr-old through 5th Grade

At Bygland, we are dedicated to learning and exploring together in our faith.  A variety of resources are used in our ministry including Exploring Luther’s Small Catechism Series which incorporates catechetical instruction into our program.  Scripture, Bible stories, people of the Bible, seasons of the church year, and faith symbols are all interweaved into our weekly faith lessons.   Student’s engage in music, crafts, storytelling, service projects and discussions to build their understanding of how God is active in their lives. 


New Bibles

As preschoolers enter Sunday school, they receive a storybook Bible to explore.  As students enter 3rd grade, they receive a student study Bible.  Parents keep their baptismal promises by placing these Bibles into their children’s hands and bless them as the congregation prays over them in the context of worship. 


First Communion

Students in 5th grade and their parents meet several times during Lent to discuss God’s abundant grace, gratitude for daily bread, and the life we receive through Christ’s body and blood. We remember that it is not about us but about who God is for us. Students and their parents have a special invitation to the Maundy Thursday service during Holy Week as families’ commune together, taste the bread that the students made themselves, and experience the washing of hands.



Over the course of 4 years the class will study various aspects of the Christian faith including:  an overview of the Bible and of the Small Catechism.  

6th grade – 9th grade
Using the curriculum, “Co-Lab-Orate,” students engage in problem-based learning.  This curriculum offers the challenges and questions which our present in our history and in our Scriptures and it creates space for students (and their parents) to ponder how to address those questions.  Faith is not about answers, but about living with questions and recognizing that God’s answers are dynamic, not static.  

Parents are the MOST influential factor in the faith life of a student.  Parents are expected to model what they hope to see – regular worship attendance, participation in study groups, and participation in educational activities (including confirmation).  Adults are expected to attend each session with their student in order to facilitate greater conversations beyond our time together.

9th grade As students complete their confirmation class, they will gather to affirm their baptism and the promises made on their behalf.  Rather than confirming what has been done, we affirm that which is being done by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Parents and baptismal sponsors, gather around the student to share in blessing and praying for their faith and their life.  The focus of Catechism isn’t just knowledge but practice – helping student make connections between faith and everyday life.  Our hope is to inspire students to go deeper and ask important questions of themselves and their Church.  Confirmation Sunday is held on Reformation Sunday in October. 


We pray that we have helped parents’ engage their students’ faith.  We pray that we have been a safe place to ask questions and go deeper regarding the crossroads of faith and everyday life.  We strive to help students approach their relationship with God as something that is always changing, growing.  We do our best to show students how to tend their relationship with faithfulness.

Each May, we celebrate with graduates on Baccalaureate Sunday in early May.