This congregation was established in 1880 by Norwegian immigrant settlers. Our congregation is part of the Northwestern Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  It has a membership of about 290 baptized souls in about 120 households.  We have a good mix of elderly, middle aged and young families.  Years ago, farm families represented a majority of the membership, but times are changing.  Today, families actively involved in farming represent only about 10% of the congregation.  The Sunday School has about 60 children from pre-K to 12th grade and our average worship attendance is about 80 per week.


Building Project
In 2000, the congregation completed a momentous building program.  A brand new facility was built on the south end of the same block where the old church had stood for 118 years. We moved into and dedicated the new facility on April 2, 2000.  Some special items were saved from the old church and incorporated into the new building, including pipes from the old organ, the stained glass, the altar candelabras, and the baptismal font.  A few additional smaller projects are still in the works to enhance the site. The congregation has, in a bold and courageous way, declared its commitment to be here to serve future generations, to be a healing, worshipping, witnessing, reconciling, serving body of Christ in this community.


About the Community
The City of Fisher has about 500 residents.   Fisher has experienced some growth over the past decade, even though there are not many businesses left in town.  New apartments and town houses have been built.  Fisher’s convenient location between Crookston and Grand Forks insures its future as a bedroom community for commuters.  It offers small town peace and quiet, its own school (K-12), and a good place to raise children.


1877 - First worship services held in the home of Grunde Aakhus near Fisher’s Landing
1880 - Red Lake River Lutheran Congregation organized
1881 - Materials for building a church bought for $600
1882 - Voted to have three months of parochial school each year
1883 - Parsonage purchased for $900 fro Orie and Clara Whited
1885 - Altar and pulpit built by Mr. Ecklund and land given for a cemetery by John Peterson
1897 - Basement dug, church turned from facing North to West, entry and steeple added, church bell
       Given by the Ladies Aid
1908 - Sunday School began on a regular basis
1915 - Stained glass windows installed, basement finished, church redecorated
1918 - Moller pipe organ given to the church
1919 - Parsonage extensively remodeled
1939 - Congregation changed its name to Fisher Lutheran Church
1949 - Church reconsecrated after extensive remodeling
1957 - Education addition built
1964 - New parsonage dedicated
1965 - Pipe organ renovations completed
1979 - Church remodeled
1980 - 100th anniversary celebrated
1980-1987 - Tentmakers hired in area of youth ministry
1990 - Steel siding applied to the exterior
1999 - Construction of new church begins
2000 - Dedication of new church
2005 - 125th anniversary celebration

Synod Relationships
1905-1917 - United Lutheran Synod
1917-1946 - Norwegian Lutheran Church of America
1946-1960 - Evangelical Lutheran Church
1960-1987 - American Lutheran Church
1988-present - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America