Switching Groups

Each servant group will be responsible for those months as indicated by the schedule below. If you are unable to serve in your appointed month, you may trade groups with someone, being sure to inform the leaders of those groups involved in the switch. 



* indicates group leaders. The groups may choose different leaders from time to time.



Children not listed are assumed to belong to their parents' servant group.


General Policies

  • After weddings: candles should be extinguished and the church left clean and orderly.

  • After meetings in the basement: hymnals and speaker podium should be put away

  • Tables should be cleaned after use and left orderly.

  • The last person to leave should see that all the lights are turned off.

  • Tables, chairs, dishes, bowls, coffeepots or other equipment should not be taken out of the church or borrowed without council permission.


General Kitchen Policies

  • Dirty dishtowels, dishcloths, and potholders should be laundered and returned promptly.

  • The kitchen should be left clean and orderly after each use. Sweep the floor if needed.

Group 1


* Jamie & Danielle Brundin

* Roger & Becky Moe

 Phil & Arlet Phillips

Ronnie & Gayle Thorson

Roger Krostue

Eileen Wurden

Dave & Kathy Krostue

Eric & Kassandra Schaumburg

Chris Egeland

Group 2


* Duane & Wendy Waller

* Steve & Kathy Flaat

*Troy & Patti Pecka

Denny & Pam Robertson

Kent & Holly Wavra

John & Kim Thorson

Tim Moe

Steve Short

Paul & Stephanie Egeland

Jon & Sheila Wurden

Lisa Moe

Group 3


* Larry & MaryDon Krostue

* Eric & Becky Egeland

 George High & Ardis Maney

Ginger Bestland

Mark Egeland

Darla Jenson

Brad & Cheryl Tupa

Jim & Marsha Ketring

Clark & Doris Sorenson

Chad & Katie Thorson

Jeff & Jenna Lutz

Group 4


* Karen Ebertowski

* Al & Linda Halvorson

* Jeff Millar

Nancy & Rich Zalewski

Jason & Haley Thorson

Barry & Rachel Traub

Scott Wurden

Paul & Linda Aslakson

Kyle & Melissa Christianson 

Nate & Laura Wurden