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Why Work Groups?

  • We recognize that the work of the church is every member’s responsibility.

  • We want to involve as many as possible in the life and work of the church, and to make all feel needed and wanted in someway.

  • Within the body of Christ there are varieties of gifts and service.

  • There is work to be done.

  • Significant relationships develop through working together.

  • Family cohesiveness develops through working together.

  • New members are integrated into the congregation through development of friendships within the work groups.


Group 1

* Jamie & Danielle Brundin

* Randy Moe

 Phil & Arlet Phillips

Ronnie Thorson

Roger Krostue

Dave & Cathy Krostue

Chris Egeland

Becky Moe

Gabriel & Krissy Boushee

Paul & April Hansen

Group 2

* Duane & Wendy Waller

*Troy & Patti Pecka

Denny & Pam Robertson

Kent & Holly Wavra

John & Kim Thorson

Steve Short

Paul & Stephanie Egeland

Jon Wurden

Group 3

* Larry & MaryDon Krostue

* Eric & Becky Egeland

Mark Egeland

Brad & Cheryl Tupa

Jim & Marsha Ketring

Clark & Doris Sorenson

Chris & Laura Arnold

Group 4

* Al & Linda Halvorson

* Jeff Millar

Nancy & Rich Zalewski

Jason & Haley Thorson

Barry & Rachel Traub

Scott Wurden

Paul & Linda Aslakson

Nate & Laura Wurden 

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