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Why Work Groups?

  • We recognize that the work of the church is every member’s responsibility.

  • We want to involve as many as possible in the life and work of the church, and to make all feel needed and wanted in someway.

  • Within the body of Christ there are varieties of gifts and service.

  • There is work to be done.

  • Significant relationships develop through working together.

  • Family cohesiveness develops through working together.

  • New members are integrated into the congregation through development of friendships within the work groups.


Group 1

*Reed & Sheryl Tinkham

James Cameron

Raleigh & Gail Engel

Sandy Hlady

Duane & Paula Isaacson

Leah Isaacson

Joel & Becky Ness

Delmar & Cathy Peterson

Mike Prudhomme

Darryl & Lenaye Quern

Dave Radi

Scott & Tracey Schmitz

Jared & Ceara Solheim

Travis & Kristin Schwarz

Group 2

*Harlen & Vicky Korynta

Rudy Applequist

Phil & JoAnn Baird

Mitch & Kelly Bakken

Vivian Erickson

Lyle & JoAnne Geiselhart

Berni & Kayleigh Ibarra

Clorise Jorgenson

Curt & Kim Knutson

Etta McDonald

Aaron & Lana Motl

Barb Radi

Lance & Jen Reitmeier

Sheldon Roningen

Caroline Tinkham

Group 3

*Bruce & Tami Newhouse

Toni & Linda Anderson

Darrin & Michelle Berg

Amy & Charles Getsman

Lizzy Haug

Chad & Carmen Knutson

Randy & Valerie Korynta

Ross & Kelli Korynta

Pete & Jenny Mooney

Kyle Ness

Kirby Newhouse

Jesse & Katie Schultes

David & Deliliah Strand

Diane Solheim

Lance & Emily Tinkham

Ilene Yanish

Group 4

*Darrin & Tami Byklum

Tom & Becky Conati

TJ & Katie Chapman

Danielle Gratton

Kyle Haake

Mike & Gail Kasowski

Marilyn Knudson

Josh & Angel Korynta

Ryan & Megan Korynta

Andrea Marshall

James & Jamie Mathews

Adam McDonald

John & Nancy McDonald

Casey & Emily Moulds

Doug & Staci Peterson

Tim & Melissa Speldrich

Jay & Stacy Wallace

Tenniel Winger

Group 5

*Brian & Lori Morken

Jeremy Haake

Lynn Haake

Travis & Kelly Halvorson

Darryl & Barb Jorgenson

Josh & Nicole Krostue

Bob & Ione Lian

Ken & Mary Miller

Troy & Jen Newhouse

Jeff & Laura Olson

Justin & Jami Olson

Sharon Olson

Lucas & Kia Goodwin

Jean Peterson

Paul & Wanda Rutherford

Ryan Rutherford

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